Chellakuttiye [ Official Music Video ] AVASTHA || Srinish Aravind | Pearle Maaney | Jecin George

24/07/2020 को प्रकाशित
Song Name : Chellakuttiye
Music & Vocals : Jecin George
Lyrics : Pearle Maaney
Dop : Robil T Paul
Director : Sharath Davis
Poster : Rahul Oz
Styling : Asaniya Nazrin
Asst Dop : Prince Payammal
Title : Sandeep Fradian
Female version of Chellakuttiye song
Avastha Is a Webseries that revolves around Surya and Aishwarya who are stuck together during lockdown.
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Lyrics Of Chellakuttiye
Yaar ivalo..
kan thediyatho
kaathiruntha en
Thendral itho
en chellakuttiye
en kannin maniye
nee kaatum kopam
kaadhal endru
unnai katti azhaikka
oru mutham kodukka
en nenjam thavikka.
( instrument)
Kankalil Mounam
Vaarthayil Thaapam
Thevaya Kanne intha Koopam
Moochinil Vegam
Pechinil Bhaaram
Thaanguma Kanne
Naanum Paavam
En Kaadhalai neeyum Theendaamal theendi Vitttayi,
Naanum Lock-down Aanene.
Nee Azhuthaal antha Meghangal keezhe Varum,
Un Kankal Thudaykkum.
En Chella Kuttiye,
En Kannin Maniye,
Nee Kaattum Kopam
Kaadhal Yendru...
Unnai Katti Azhaikka,
Oru Mutham kodukka,
En Nenjam Thavikkaa...

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